Placeholder Jam Tangan Iconic Motion (10 ATM) 40 S Black | The Watch Co.

The Iconic Motion is our first water-resistant timepiece. Featuring an upgraded 10 ATM water-resistant watch head and an all-new strap made from a synthetic rubber called FKM. Available with contrasting rose gold or silver accents that give the timepiece its bold and eyecatching edge. Designed for an active lifestyle, a statement piece that combines style and functionality



  • Ketebalan bingkai: 8,5mm
  • Warna Tombol: Hitam
  • Gerakan: Gerakan Quartz Jepang
  • Material Tali: Fluoroelastomer (FKM)
  • Warna tali: Hitam
  • Tali Pengganti: No
  • Tahan Air: Up to 10 ATM


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