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Petite Lumine Pressed Piano - DW00100590

Rp 3.560.000,00
Tambah Keranjang

The Petite Lumine Pressed Piano in white is proof that nature can be the ultimate luxury. Each dial is carefully crafted from mother of pearl, so it has a unique...

Petite Lumine 5-Link Two- Tone DW00100616

Rp 3.439.000,00
Tambah Keranjang

The Petite Lumine 5-Link is a watch that likes to pass as jewelry. This versatile timepiece has both the elegance of a quality watch and the precious allure of designer...

Petite Lumine Pressed Melrose - DW00100528

Rp 2.990.000,00
Tambah Keranjang

Unapologetically minimalist, the Petite Lumine Pressed Mesh chooses brilliance over excessive detailing. The dial simply glows from the inside out, thanks to the miniature yet sparkly crystals that mark the...

Petite 36 Sterling S Black

Rp 3.270.000,00
Tambah Keranjang

The Petite Sterling 36 with a black dial is an exceptional combination of style and character. It is a true designer statement and the perfect watch for any occasion.  The...

Petite 36 Melrose RG White

Rp 3.270.000,00
Tambah Keranjang

Petite Melrose 36 features an eggshell white dial and an undeniably chic rose gold mesh strap. This watch elevates your everyday outfit, your mood, and your spirit. The straps of...

Petite 36 Sterling S White

Rp 3.270.000,00
Tambah Keranjang

Already a true design classic, the Petite Sterling 36 with a white dial has a modern edge and a fresh look. A stylish watch, stylish and timeless at the same...

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