IDR 3.450.000

Timewise features an owl's head which slowly rotates and points to the hours.
The minutes are marked by the passage of a tiny mouse around the edge of the
dial. The owl and the mouse perform their watchful dance - neither one ever quite
able to escape the other!
This watch was created for Mr Jones Watches by British Design legend Clifford
Richards. They commissioned Clifford because of the bold and distinctive
characters that have been a feature of his work all the way back to the 1960s.
As the Victoria and Albert Museum note: "Richards designed some of the most
memorable packaging and printed ephemera of the 1960s. Vibrant, witty and fun,
they are an exuberant expression of the Pop Art decade."
Clifford explains the thinking behind Timewise: "I've always loved to apply graphics
to objects and designing this watch was a perfect opportunity - and owls seem to
pop up regularly in my designs!”

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