IDR 2.950.000

Time Traveller allows you to see the time all over the world. The watch uses 16
landmark buildings to mark the time in different regions. You can read the local
time by looking at the landmark building in your city or time-zone: for example if
you're in London then you use Big Ben as your hour hand; in Paris you look to the
Eiffel Tower or in New York you use the Statue of Liberty. A pigeon, the universal
city dweller marks the minutes.
The watch uses a 24 hour mechanism which means the hour hand makes one
rotation in 24 hours. This means you read it slightly differently from a regular (12
hour) watch: The upper semi-circle marks the hours from 6am to 6pm. When the
hour hand is pointing horizontal left (9 o'clock on a regular watch) this corresponds
to 6am. 12 noon is centre top and horizontal right is 6pm (3 o'clock on a 12 hour
watch). The lower semi-circle marks the hours from 6pm back to 6am, with centre
bottom marking midnight.

From a distance the hour hand appears to be a graphic motif, upon closer
inspection it resolves to show the detail of the individual buildings.
The landmark buildings for the various time zones are listed below. In cases where
there was no obvious candidate the tallest building in that time zone was used.

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